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Tear drop facial scrub sponge
Deep Cleansing
Good for all skin types

Price: £1.99 Inc VAT

Half loofah - Top cut.

Price: £2.50 Inc VAT
Loofah Pad.

Terry towelling on Reverse with elastic hand strap.

Price: £2.99 Inc VAT
Loofah Mitt.

Terry Towelling on the Reverse.

Price: £3.25 Inc VAT
Cotton Mitt

Gentle exfoliating mitt

Price: £3.76 Inc VAT
Chenille Back Strap

Natural Fibre Back strap with rope handles.

Price: £4.25 Inc VAT

For hands and feet
Removes callouses and rough skin easily and effortlessly.
In conjunction with water (with or without soap),
removes deeply engrained dirt as well as nicotine stains,
ink, oil, dyestuffs etc.

Price: £5.99 Inc VAT
Cotton Back Strap

Natural Fibre Back strap with handles.

Price: £7.99 Inc VAT